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Text Box:  IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad eeprom & TPM chip programmers. BIOS Flash and HDD tools.

R24RF08 v2.0b — Reader for ATMEL 24RF08 (Freeware)

W24RF08 v2.1a — Writer for ATMEL 24RF08

IBMpass v2.1 Lite — Password decoder & scancode editor for eeprom dumps (Freeware)

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HD Security Tools 1.4b—  Unlocking software for hard disk drives


The latest version  HD Security Tools 1.4b is available. The software is suitable for any HD brand/model

(2.5”, 3.5”) used in IBM, DELL, SONY or other manufactured laptop/desktop PCs.




PC8394T Programming Tools 1.5—  Programming software for IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad’s TPM chips - Updated


RPC8394 (reader) and WPC8394 (writer) are included in the full package kit. The software was made initially to unlock T43 and R53 models featuring PC8394T-VJG (super I/O chip with TPM functions). Later on, we added new models that can be unlocked using the software tools


The software works for the following Thinkpad models:





-X60/s and X60 tablet




Support for new models will be added periodically.


SPEG 1.0a1—  Universal Serial Flash Programmer - Updated


SPEG is a multi device programmer for SPI Serial Flashes. It can be used as stand-alone programmer, as well as for in-system programming (ISP or ICSP). Supports a wide range of manufacturers and models used for BIOS in modern machines (PC, MAC, PDA, etc)