The GPL, when used for libraries, is free in much the same way that Communist China is free. If you agree with their philosophy, you get a lot of freedom. If not, consider yourself dead.
Your communist-zeitgest rhetoric is a nice but fallacious attempt at obscuring the intent of the GPL. Open source software development is an economic problem. Many people want to take the software and profit from it by removing rights that were granted to them, but the authors want to be compensated for their work in one simple way: by demanding that anyone else who improves and redistributes the software not remove the rights that they granted; if that were to happen, they would lose their motivation for sharing their software in the first place because the software would be distributed against their wishes.

Anyone is free to take the code and do what they will with it, as long as the original rights which were granted to the recipient are not removed. How exactly does this preservation of freedom for all users of the software amount to red communism? I fail to see the logic. After all, you're perfectly free not to use it and to develop your own, if your wish is to place more restrictions on the users of your software.