Organised codebase and system layout. It seems like every Linux distribution has it's own unique layout and defaults. This inconsistency can make it a nightmare moving from one distro to another.
Are you familiar with the LSB? Oh, and how easy is it to move from FreeBSD to, say, OpenBSD? Troll.
Superb documentation
I notice you didn't try to make a comparison to the major Linux distributions here, like SuSE or Debian. I'm actually rather surprised you didn't try to put FreeBSD side by side with some obscure Linux distribution with 10 developers.
Ports tree.
Yawn. emerge, apt-get, Debian pool, etc.
So you get to keep all the fuzzy benefits of FreeBSD
Yes, they are rather fuzzy. As in nebulous. Your post did nothing to elucidate them.

Score:-1, Flamebait