Perl is a language, so it follows that it is a communication medium. By that it should be able to communicate something to a party outside just the author and the perl interpreter.
Perl source does communicate, with people who know Perl. That's like saying English is a useless language because it is constructed ad-hoc and because the complainer has never been bothered to learn it. The fact that some people find English difficult makes English no less useful to people who most easily express or comprehend ideas in it.
IMO, "the right job" for perl is about 2% of all programming tasks out there.
Nice statistic. Where's your breakdown of all programming tasks, and the reasoning for the other 98% why Perl is not the right tool for the job?
This is evident by the fact that even though perl was the prominent CGI language of the mid-nineties, it lost the overwhelming majority of that interest with alarming speed.
That has nothing to do with Perl the language, and everything to do with the shift towards languages which are designed to execute within a web server process without forking. mod_perl fills this hole, but as a general purpose language it is not as tightly integrated with a web server environment as something like PHP or ASP.

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