A lot of people are expressing their frustration with doctors and their apparent "incompetence" or "arrogance" with respect to following established medical procedure instead of accepting a patient's self-diagnosis at face value.

The thing you have to remember about this is that doctors are being barraged with malpractice suits these days. The reason they follow established practices even when the patient becomes frustrated and insults them for it, is because if they deviate from that practice, then they have less defense in the case that the patient in question turns around later and files a malpractice suit when things don't turn out the right way, and if they are declared guilty of malpractice, their insurance company won't cover the losses if they were found to be deviant. Why would a MD invite trouble that way?

Of course, if all the sue-happy buffoons would chill out a little bit, maybe MDs would be more willing to go out on a limb, but unfortunately that's not the state of things these days.

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