They played the same trick on us with CFC's and the "loss" of the ozone layer (which for some odd reason was centered around the magnetic poles). That turned out to be a load of crap too.
Oh really? Please feel free to link to the debunking. You're not going to find any, because whether your worldview likes it or not, CFCs _are_ greenhouse gases and _do_ destroy ozone. I'm sure you'll argue that it is pure coincidence that the ozone was thinnest at the poles and over Australia during the time of greatest CFC use by industrial society. You'll point to the fact that the ozone layer seems to be repairing itself today as "proof" that CFCs really weren't that big a deal.

Whether you believe humans generate enough CO2 today to cause global warning is irrelevant. (I'm sure you'll retort with something politically attractive but blatantly false like one volcanic eruption produces more CO2 than the whole US in a year, or that the greenhouse effect is made up by scientists looking for funding.)

Ecopolitics of today does not change the fact that the "alarmists" and "pseudoscientists" were right about CFC compounds and their effect in the upper atmosphere, and you'd best get off that horse if you expect anyone to pay attention to your opinions on today's global enviroment issues.

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