RealClimate.org The claim of 100% support, frequent reference to economic processes being the root cause and a hopelessly unconvincing attempt to appear impartial all say one thing - this is a SOCIALIST site and SOCIALISTS will jump on any bandwagon that appears to undermine the capitalist status quo (hence their support for the Islamic Jihad).
That's a nice attempt at marginalizing them with buzzwords and rhetoric. However, you obviously misread. 100% support referred to a limited sample of articles, not the whole.

Economic processes are the root cause - economic processes are what cause people to demand products which have environmental consequences. Is that bad? Not necessarily. Economic processes can also provide the solution. Since this is a tragedy of the commons scenario, it is appropriate for citizens to request that the government step in. However, radical and immediate action is a bad idea, versus a carefully prepared and executed plan to minimize our role in any global warming scenario. I don't see them advocating radical and immediate action, nor the overthrow of capitalism, do you?

Please restrain your jerking knee before you toss out a clear-headed reference in the sea of sensationalism.