Now, if Linux came with a WORKING Win32s ABI layer (similarly to the BSDs which can run most native Linux binaries by providing the necessary ABI hooks), not just WINE
What are you talking about? WINE is an implementation of the Windows API and comes with a Windows executable loader. What exactly do you mean by an ABI? The BSD Linux emulation is done by hijacking int 0x80 and calling the BSD equivalent syscalls instead. WINE is so much more than that because it's not just emulating a Windows kernel like the BSD emulation emulates a Linux kernel, but also all the libraries and server processes that a user's Windows program expects to have available.
If developers could concentrate more on providing a full-fledged Win32s ABI instead of adding more and more bloatware-like eye-candy, it would be much more useful to a broader range of users.
Are you implying that WINE is bloatware and/or eye-candy? Exactly what is wrong with its design or approach?

BTW, Win32S is not Win32.