I think you're just making excuses for yourself, Mr. Crock.

Why do these warez arguments always turn into counter-productive ad-hominem attacks? Because I defend the idea that having access to this software without paying the entry fee is not necessarily universally bad for the company providing it, that automatically makes me a warez-leeching freak?

Check your logic please before you start spouting off rhetoric, pal. What about peeking through a knothole, and watching a baseball game that you didn't pay the entry fee for? After all, those players are being paid X amount of dollars to provide the game for paying viewers, and therefore you are stealing from them by watching the game without paying. So is it wrong to do so, even though the facilities exist to do so with ease? If it's wrong, is it wrong enough to sentence them to years in prison over it?

IRC channels and P2P are just a more modern form of the sandlot knothole. And I saw plenty of kids getting chased away from knotholes, but I never saw them tossed in prison for years over it. I also would put forth that some professional players of today never would have been interested in baseball in the first, if they hadn't watched a game through the knothole.

Of course, the piracy == stealing crowd isn't a big fan of analogies anyway, as they tend to prefer spewing the corporate drivel they've been fed all their lives, without stopping to examine the real effects of piracy. I think if people would quit being self-righteous zealots for a moment, and stop and examine the facts, they might find that the facts don't really match up with what the corporate party line claims.