I think it just stems from a narrow-minded view of "which gets me the biggest numbers for my $". Numbers can be measured in GB, speed, whatever. But at long as the perceived value for the dollar is there, people will continue to buy IDE stuff and laugh at people who buy SCSI for whatever reason.

It is quite similar to people who buy Microsoft and deride people who use free software purely on perceived rational merits. "You paid what for your operating system? HAHA, how good could it be?" "I used UNIX when I was in grade school in the 70's. It's clearly outdated technology, because Windows == new, shiny!"

A few other posters seem to think I was trying to start the old device interface pissing match back up again. I think it's difficult for them to understand that if everyone only buys one technology when there are competing technologies with equal merits, everything but that one technology tends to disappear. In the marketplace, that is a bad thing, because not having choice allows one to be taken advantage of rather easily.