Until the day when Linux supports any and every piece of hardware the day it's released, the installations can be done my grandma, and all software hits store shelves in both Windows and Linux version on the same day, Linux will never be a contender for the desktop market.
One day you'll be grateful for the work that people are doing today and, for the most part, giving away. That day will be when you decide that you no longer want your computing practices controlled by an entity who started taking its customers for granted long ago, and who squashes any potential choices that may arise at every turn.

In the meantime, it only makes you look like a whining ass to criticize others for producing "lame ports, emulation, or cheesy rip-offs". What you gain with free software is freedom. If you choose not to take that road now, suit yourself. But don't tear others down for providing it, and suggesting reasons why others should help them provide it.

One day, it will matter to you; on that day, you'll be thankful that so many people threw themselves in the face of impossible mindshare barriers, including open criticism such as yours, just so they could create something that everyone can benefit from.