Why rehash the same tired software? Introduce something NEW (for Microsoft to copy).
You might note that on a news site, the focus is probably on reporting news that people care about. Such as, much-requested features that have finally been implemented. Why should they report on every little detail, especially those that users might not even care about until they have used them and realize how powerful they are?

If Slashdot reported on any truly NEW features in Evolution, you'd have 200 replies from people saying "Why would I need to use XXX feature?" or "Why did they even bother?" or "What's a XXX?" So I think it's a good idea that they focus on reporting things that are relevant to the readership.

I think if you examine things objectively (e.g. look at the code yourself) you'd realize that there's a great deal more innovation going on in OSS projects than can be gathered at an immediate glance.