If a bug is found in a released product, then with probability close to 100% it has more bugs.
Please cite the statistics that you are using to make your point here.
According to your flawed logic, after each sendmail patch, it may be more secure than qmail.
My "flawed" logic says that for all you know, each patch to sendmail may very well be the last. You can't disprove this any more than you can prove that there will never be a bug in qmail. In the end, it comes down to preference. Do I prefer a piece of software that has had issues in the past but is in wide use and development, or do I prefer a piece of software that has not shown issues to date, has a closed license, and few users in comparison? I don't think there's a case for arguing that either one is inherently better.
Worshipping D. J. Bernshtein is fully justified. Unlike immature programmers working in open sores projects, he does not release buggy products.
;) Thanks, I was wondering if you were just trolling. You spared me from wasting further time on this thread.

By the way, there's a bug in your spelling of DJ's name.