Nice astroturfing.

You might be content to say that as a consumer you shell out dollars for whatever makes you happy, so the politics is irrelevant. But that's a myopic view.

Microsoft is an abusive company, and this has to be taken into account when purchasing products from them, just as when purchasing any other abusive company's product. If we don't take a company's ethos into consideration as part of the package, we allow one company, the one who produces the best perceived rational (price/performance) value to the customer, to take control of the market. This is how monopolies take hold. Do you really want that?

Sure, it's easy to make excuses like "I'm a consumer, I shouldn't have to worry about that". But that's precisely what it is, an excuse to ignore the facts and try to justify being lazy in purchasing decisions. Lazy, uneducated consumers is what leads to an unbalanced market.

Your stab at "Linuxites" is without merit. You may not care about running Linux on the X-box, but obviously many people do, or they wouldn't do it. Labeling anything you don't agree with as "pathetic and sad" is ridiculous. Why don't you just go play your games and leave us alone to do what we enjoy doing?