Wow! You horse really is high. A Word Processor with DRM? What planet are you on? Is MS word going to prevent me from using certain phrases?
What planet am I on? That's a really good way to start an intelligent reply. In case you missed it, there's at least 2 separate bills trying to get passed which would mandate DRM in all computing equipment being sold. In addition, Microsoft is supporting the Palladium initiative, which will require DRM in hardware or the OS/programs will refuse to run. That includes your word processor.

People like you are going to blindly buy into this stuff (because you could care less about anything besides what the market leader offers), paint yourselves into a corner with it through oppressive licensing and automatic, forced upgrades, and then look for a way out down the road once you're locked into it.

If you don't care about people's freewill contributions, fine, just don't be an ass about it, please. It makes you look quite ridiculous.