I went back and re-read it to be sure. I still disagree.
His reference to the "sophomoric smirk" that he gets when asking about X is an ad hominem. It implies that the people who he asks about the X protocol derive some childish satisfaction out of the deliberate obfuscation of their answer. Of course, whether that answer is actually obfuscated in a sophomoric way for purpose of mockery is a judgment call left up to whoever is actually involved in the conversation.

My beef, which remains, is that people think hackers get off on giving snip answers to their questions. This couldn't be further from the truth. The intent is to answer the question, and only the question that was asked, in as precise a manner as possible. When people start poking criticism at this trait, it occasionally hits a nerve. If they don't get the answer they wanted, the hacker is made into an egomaniacal jerk bent on mocking all digital lowlifes that approach him. The user rarely considers that he might have just asked the wrong question.

You come off like an arrogant prick in your posts. You will piss off more people than you enlighten with this attitude. I think you would do a good job of educating people about the things you believe in if you stop being so snide and condescending.
Actually, I appreciate your criticism and will note it for future responses. I work hard not to be an ass, but some posts and general ideas here really get the best of me sometimes. I suppose, as the old saying goes, if I'm in a killing mood then I should leave my guns at home.