XP is both stable and fast. This is an obvious fact that can be shown to be true by millions using it daily who can tell the truth.
LOL. Some logic just escapes me. Are McDonalds fries really the Best Fries In America? Are Dodge Neons really quality cars? Millions of people consume and own both just as millions of people use Windows. That implies nothing about its performance, only that Microsoft has a good marketing department.
while there are some NFS addons to Windows that suck; the one in MS's Unix Services for Windows is faster than some native NFS we've run against. Hows that for ironic.
It's not ironic at all if you're unspecific about the hardware involved. Benching a 1.2Ghz Athlon against that 50Mhz Sparc pizza box in the corner isn't a fair comparison, but for all we know, that's the test that was run. If you do not give us enough information to reproduce your results, don't be disappointed when nobody takes your claims at face value.