And it'd be a more productive use of your time to not try to change everyone who isn't satisfied with what Slashdot has evolved into.
Sorry, but it's a matter of the signal to noise ratio. If you go to alt.microsoft and start yelling about how everyone who posts on alt.microsoft sucks and how the newsgroup is completely useless, at the very least you're going to get killfiled, and possibly blocked from posting by your ISP. This is because alt.microsoft was created for disseminating relevant information and for on-topic discussion, not to hear the mindless rambling of trolls who had nothing better to do.

Just because Slashdot uses moderation instead of outright censorship doesn't mean that anti-Slashdot trolling is somehow useful to people who read Slashdot for content and on-topic discussion. In fact, it's a mind-numbing distraction, and my appeal for the idiocy to stop still stands.

Score:5, Insightful