Why are AC's invariably clueless idiots?
So MS was found to have a monopoly on i86 IBM Clone PCs, whoop dee do.
Having a monopoly is not illegal. Using anti-competitive practices and product tying when you are a monopoly is illegal.
MS has triumphed on 99% of everything since because all the judges see that there is in fact NO CASE.
No, in fact, Jackson threw the book at them, and they got off on a technicality (he blabbed to the press before the case was over).
Suing for inclusion of IE into Windows for free? Well Sue ALL of Open source for being free then!
This statement is so idiotic, I don't know where to begin. First of all, Internet Explorer was originally a separate product. Microsoft then tied it to Windows when they saw that Netscape was remaining dominant in the browser market.

Second, "Open Source" is not a monopoly. If, for instance, Red Hat somehow gained monopoly status in the next few years, then they would be subject to the same rules that MS was subject to, in that they can't take separate products and bundle them with the monopoly product.

You are obviously giving away something of value in order to gain market share and destroy a competitor. THAT IS ILLEGAL, even when you don't have a "monopoly".
Are you kidding? Businesses give stuff away for free all the time, and it's not illegal in the slightest. Unless you are a monopoly, in which case different rules apply; the reason is to prevent horizontal expansion, and to prevent the monopoly from erecting barriers to entry in the monopolized market.

A monopoly, by definition, has no need to gain market share; and so anti-competitive acts and other things that were fair business when the weren't a monopoly are no longer fair, because they have no reason to use them except to maintain their monopoly status. And that's the whole point of antitrust law, so that monopolies are not indefinitely maintained.

I find that the O.S. and Linux crowd in general to have far LESS integrity than MS has ever shown. You and your post are further proof of that.
You have proven yourself to be such an idiot that I doubt anybody could care less what you think.

Yes, IHBT, whatever.