Go into any non-small OSS project channel on IRC and have fun asking questions from a users perspective. It's very clique-ish. If you're not one of the "core" developers, most of the people won't listen to you. If they do, they don't "listen" and usually just say a cool statement like RTFM.
You know, every anti-OSS person I have run into seems to claim this, but I've never run into it myself. Maybe I take care to ask the right questions and do not demand an answer?

In any case, if you want good and/or patient support, perhaps you should pay for it rather than using others' valuable free time on public IRC channels, if the free support isn't living up to your expectations.

Also, you haven't any proof that these are actual developers who have harassed you or caused whatever bad experiences you had. It could just as easily have been some 13-year-old jumping into an IRC channel for some fun, acting all l33t, pissing you off to the point of frustration, and then getting kicked later when an op shows up.