I'm talking about guys like RMS, Torvalds, etc.
Torvalds, like most other people, has nothing to do with the FSF besides using their license for his OS kernel. He is not a Free Software advocate, he is an advocate of the open source development model.

I am certain that if a company approached him with an offer for a proprietary-licensed version of the Linux kernel, he would be more than happy to provide it, to the behest of RMS.

The guy in the article isn't confused at all, he simply doesn't see the profit.
He is confused because he insinuates, from his perception, that FS/OSS advocates are anti-profit or anti-business. This is not the case, and my point was that if that is how people are perceiving us, that perception needs to be repaired, and soon.

Certainly, there may be individual communists or socialists among our ranks, but by and large, the movement does not represent their views. It represents a software development and distribution model that strikes a better balance between the rights of the user and the rights of the producer. That's all.