Repair the perception by explaining to me how I'm going to get rich by creating software.
If your only intent is to "get rich", then I'm afraid I have no answers for you, as getting rich is sort of like winning the lottery.

If you actually meant "make an honest living" instead, then there are plenty of examples: Dual licensing [trolltech.com], Hardware bundling [ibm.com], the "ransom" model [blender3d.com], etc.

No... the GPL represents a software distribution model that favors the rights of the user over the rights of the producer.
Right, and how is this? Point out exactly in which areas that the user gets more rights than the producer.

(Notwithstanding that the intent of the GPL was to discard the notion of producers and consumers in software. Any user can become a producer if they want to.)

Largely because it's motivated by envy and spite rather than any positive virtues.
Uh-huh. (Rolls eyes.) Where is this "envy" and "spite" that you speak of? RMS wants everyone to have the freedom to modify and redistribute software that they use. What is so utterly hateful about this?

I really wish people would open their eyes to new possibilities, instead of blindly fighting things that they just don't understand.