That's all part of the game.
I wasn't aware we were playing a game.
any license that is binding under copyright law applies to such organizations as if they were individuals...Absolutely not. If a company buys a single Adobe Photoshop and installs it for 50 workstations, the BSA [bsa.org] will be pleased to kick their door in and start auditing.
Ehmm. I think we're talking about apples and oranges here. The licensing agreement for commercial software typically only allows it to be installed on one machine. That is completely independent of whether it's an individual or a corporation installing it; either one would be BSA bait. If it weren't for the requirement that the software only be installed on one machine at once, but that it could not be distributed out of copyright (like any other commercial software), it would be perfectly fine to install it on as many machines as you wanted within your organization.

If you have a piece of GPL software, there are obviously no such restrictions, and thus you can do what you want with it as long as you don't distribute it outside your organization. If you do, you can choose to do it under the terms of the GPL or any other license under which the copyright holder allows redistribution.