You'll notice it's version 7, two versions behind. Now why would that be? Mm.. maybe because Mac interest just isn't that high on it?
Or maybe because people don't want their proprietary DRM trojan horse outside of the ones that use Windows anyway? I never said anything about WMP anyway. Providing specifications for their format and codec would suffice.
Linux would be far worse, not to mention that the effort to support Linux in a useful way is impractical. Too many distros, too many things that can break, too many processors it'd have to run on. That's why MS likes their stuff nice and proprietary. It's very difficult to ensure a good end user experience on such a broad variety of hardware.
Yeah, I feel sorry for Microsoft. Those open source hackers seem to have a leg up on them wherever they go, even on such difficult things as writing portable and modular code.
Past behaviour? You're basing your point on assumptions and stereotypes about Microsoft.
See Microsoft vs Sun, Microsoft vs Netscape, Microsoft vs Spyglass, Microsoft vs Caldera, on and on. Oh, poor MS! How they are falsely accused and troubled by so many people! They just want what's good for their customers. Choice is confusing, you know.
"Microsoft wants ppl to use IE to view their content, they're trying to enforce their monopoly!" /kneejerk.
I don't accept ad hominems. If I see another one, this thread is over.