You don't automatically get the use of everything your tax dollars fund just because.
Oh sure, let's beat the zealots over the head with a straw man. That really hurts. He didn't say "just because", he was stating a reasonable position that could be used as a starting point in a debate by the various interests involved.

You might be interested to learn that "right" and "wrong" don't matter in public policy; all that matters is how reasonable others feel your position is. If a majority of people felt that my plan to build money incinerators was a great way to bolster commerce in the city, by all means it would be implemented. Generally, if I make a plan look like a net win for the public, and no opposition exists that can pitch an equally strong case against it, it's going to happen.

Using that metric to judge the grandparent's comment, please provide counterexamples now to convince a city council to disagree with the statement: "the public should have a right to use software (whose development) that they have funded." It seems like a reasonable position. Tell us why it isn't!