Well I've long been of the opinion that those who are angered by my statements are ignorant. The fact that you are proud of your ignorance does in no way invalidate my points.
Way to go, Dogbert! You just used your incredible ego to shred any credibility you might have had.

Here's a hint for future interpersonal communications: People don't like other people sitting up in ivory towers and telling them what to do. This includes you and your "points", which consist of insubstantial personal attacks and holier-than-thou statements.

Why do you continue to post on a website that 1) you obviously hate, and 2) that you make absolutely no reasonable contribution to the discussions on? No, personal attacks (Those communist GNU hippies) and generalizations (All GNU users are simpleminded herd-followers) don't count as reasonable discussion. That may be news to you, but someone had to break it.

You might find that if you construct reasonable arguments that are actually relevant to your audience and don't consist simply of abrasive ad hominems, people might actually listen to you instead of assuming you are just another troll. Because, you know, your posts sound just like any other run of the mill troll -- except you actually seem to believe what you say. Which is the only reason I'm allowing myself to be trolled by responding :P