What's false? Linux has failed in the marketplace and now it's proponents have moved to relying on forced government mandates.
Do you even read what you write? Now instead of one falsehood, you've constructed two.

1) How many companies successfully selling free software do you need to constitute non-failure? How has the idea of free software "failed" when there are new startups every day and new innovations being made constantly?

2) The "government mandate" that you wave around so fervently is a BUREAUCRATIC PROCEDURE. The government in question has decided that using free software is best for its internal practices due to the benefits that are unique to it, such as document interchange, maintainability, etc.

Why do you resent this so much? I see you have a MCSE logo on your site. Does it hurt you financially that more people are using open source software? If so, just come out and say it! Don't cloak your emotions in a shroud of pseudo-logic, when all you really want to say is that you feel threatened by the success of free software.

If you can't deal with that simple fact, then maybe you need to reevaluate your position.
I don't accept falsehoods or generalizations, especially from people who have never shown me a shred of reason in the past. Unlike you, I can accept reasonable arguments from people that I disagree with. You simply haven't presented one.