Stallman's goals are the erradication of all commercial software. So that "information can be free". Do you contend that?
I know this will hurt, but go ahead and link to where you read such drivel. Because it completely misrepresents the driving force behind the FSF, which is to make proprietary (not commercial) software irrelevant, not to outlaw it.

If you find any such fanaticism on the FSF's site, I'll eat my hat. The FSF has always been about choice, and that includes having the choice to pick a proprietary package when it fits your needs, or to use a free package if it fits your needs. Their primary encouragement is for software developers to develop free software, for the purpose of empowering users and ensuring that there is no post-purchase support monopoly.

Not to "erradicate" proprietary software, or to suppress commerce -- indeed, the GPL is all about giving authors commercial opportunities when writing free software that they never had when using the traditional permissive licenses.

In short, quit trolling. It's tiresome reading your smug posts which are actually, for the most part, devoid of content.