IMHO, returning a corporation to its original status of a group of accountabe individuals with individual rights and copyrights, rather than the current status of an untouchable person, would correct many of our current problems.
When was it _ever_ like this? The entire point of a corporation is to limit individual liability in the case of a business failure. If you make individuals "touchable", then they can be completely wiped out by a failed business venture, instead of the general economy absorbing the loss due to the risk. Not a good recipe for motivating people to start up businesses. Let's not throw the baby out with the dirty water.

I agree with your sentiment that copyrights should be owned by an individual, but they should certainly be transferable to other individuals. How would GNU gain copyright for code I submit to the GCC project otherwise? Every project with more than 1 contributor would be a horrendous mess of keeping track of who owns what part of the code, what is a derivative of what else, etc, instead of adopting a policy of "anything you submit to this project becomes (C) The Project" like most open source projects do (notable exceptions: XFree86, Linux). An individual should be able to choose to sign his copyright away under any terms he chooses. The benefit of this is that when individuals leave companies, their works (and the works of those who have assigned their rights to that person as a steward) travel with that person, instead of remaining a monopoly grab bag for that corporation, which may exist indefinitely (as well as the copyrights themselves).