I don't understand why you are whining about helping out the poor guys (software industry that cannot fight ms)
Where did I whine about that? Gates broke the law to make his billions. Plain and simple fact. Does the law not apply to charitable men?
and at the same time frown on helping some "backward nation" (FYI that term is often considered derogatory)
It's not our fault that their people refuse to overthrow dictatorships or to prevent them from being installed in the first place. It's not like we wouldn't help them if they tried. Why should we prop up a system which is inevitably doomed? Feeding the hungry foreign nationals only ensures that they will be comfortable with their current miserable situation for that much longer instead of organizing a revolt.
On another note, I may be a sniveling gates worshipper but rest assured, with your level of compassion for your fellow man, noone will ever worship you.
You're just whining and promoting a double standard. If I made as much money as Gates, I'd be investing it into wiser things than buying loyalty. My money would go towards research to increase the standard of living, and to education institutions worldwide. His money just buys him boot-lickers, both from people who are in tough situations in other countries, and people like you who assign to them none of the blame for their situation. They're just poor helpless victims! We _owe_ them our support, and the largest Microsoft shareholder is supporting them, ergo we should be proud to give our money to Microsoft. Give me a break.

I'm not cold and heartless. I just expect people to beg for their handouts if they really want them. None of this Robin Hood crap. It just fosters a cycle of dependence which continues into the next generation, instead of motivating people to fix the underlying problems in their societies.