This is my 2000 S10 Xtreme- Which I purchased 8 months ago. The only aftermarket things that have been performed was painted on racing stripes and a Gibson CatBack SweptSide Exhaust was installed by me. The engine in this beast is a 2.2 liter boasting 120 hp at the crank. Being an extended cab with a 5 speed gives me an advantage of 4.10 rear gear ratios. I love these! 4.10's gives the 2.2 liter trucks much better acceration and doesnt seem to hurt the gas milage horribly. 
 This is a picture of my Gibson Catback that I installed myself and I have to tell you all it wasn't much fun at all...with just the basic tools, which I think was just a ratchet and sockets with a pipe for better leverage and a couple cans of penetrating lubricant which I found to be a must. The hardest part was the Cat Converter because they used studs and nuts and both where made if hardened steel so they sucked getting off. As far as sound--i am pleased at the sound at idle but you can't make a 2.2 liter sound like a V8. 
 AS of right now the only modifications that I have for my engine is the exhaust. I did purchase a Throttle body spacer but never installed it because so many people said they didn't feel any difference-- right now I am just kind of hanging back to see if a turbo will ever come out--but I am most likely going to get a cold air intake, underdrive pullies and an electric fan. Modificatons to come
  • Cold Air Intank
  • E-Fan
  • Underdrive Pullies