Climate Change

Is global warming actually occurring? If so, why do we seem to be in a local cooling trend?

If global warming is occurring, is the magnitude of the warming unprecedented?

If unprecedented global warming is occurring, is it the result of the greenhouse effect, or some other natural process?

If global warming is occurring because of the greenhouse effect, is it due to CO2 or some other greenhouse gas, is it possible that some other atmospheric agent that was previously absorbing solar radiation is dwindling, and what is the magnitude of the greenhouse effect's contribution compared to that of other sources?

Is it possible that elevated CO2, and thus a greater magnitude of warming due to the greenhouse effect, follows global warming that is initiated by some other means, as opposed to CO2 being the direct cause of the warming process?

If global warming is occurring primarily because of CO2's contribution to the greenhouse effect, how much CO2 emission is under our control? Can we reverse the warming trend even if we zeroed CO2 emissions overnight?

Is a precedented level of global warming a net benefit or a net detriment to the US? What about globally? What about an unprecedented level?

If global warming is a net detriment, what would the impact of a significant enough emissions restriction to reverse the warming process be, in terms of economic growth and in terms of poverty and lost lives -especially in undeveloped nations?

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