Why do hippies drive VW microbuses?

Right wing types, always giddy at an opportunity to pick on counterculture types, attempt to use the Microbus as an example of what is wrong with hippies. Surely a hippie, being concerned with everything that is earth and the environment, would not drive a SUV-like vehicle with correspondingly poor gas mileage and lacking modern emissions controls?

– The Type 2 had between a 1.2L 25HP motor and a 1.8L 50HP motor depending on the model year. Gas mileage was between 20 and 30 mpg, still unheard of for the modern SUV of similar size.

– The Type 2 seated at least 5 people with cooking and camping gear. Makes sense for taking the commune on a road trip to live it rough for a while. Doesn't make sense for 1 person to drive around in, but how many hippies are loners?

– Disposing of a Type 2 would saddle the recipient with 3600 lbs. of metal and plastics. It makes 'green' sense to keep it running.

– Replacement parts were and still are cheap due to basic design.

– While emissions controls did not exist, creating more ground level pollutants, a Microbus produces less CO2 than a modern 'clean' vehicle.

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