Lenovo Yoga Book Android YB1-X90F bootloops instead of charging

If, after powering off suddenly because the battery was completely drained, your Android Yoga Book is doing the following when plugged into the charger:

  • Continuously restarting to the Lenovo logo and then a battery charging icon
  • Apparently not charging

Do the following:

  • Leave it plugged in.  It’s actually charging even though it doesn’t appear to be.
  • If the bootloop and vibration is annoying you, press and hold the power button for about 30 seconds; after going through two more bootloops, the system will proceed to boot up fully.

If that doesn’t work (for example, if the battery is at 0% and the system cannot boot:

  • Hold Power + Volume Up simultaneously until the bootloader appears.
  • Use the volume key to select “Recovery Mode”, then press the Power button.
  • After the system enters recovery mode, just let it sit while connected to a high power (i.e. QC wall) charger.  There’s no indicator that it’s charging while sitting in recovery mode, but it is.
  • After a few hours select “Power Off” and restart the Yoga Book.

That’s all!

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