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Upgrade Cisco Aironet 340/350 16-bit PCMCIA Card WPA Firmware For Linux

Friday, March 29th, 2013

To get an Aironet 16-bit PCMCIA card working with the WPA-supported drivers, the firmware must be upgraded.

I found it was difficult to do this, so I put together a live CD that accomplishes it.  It has a few bugs but will work.  You will need a Windows 98 Second Edition CD handy in order to supply files that are not in the live CD image.  The firmware will be version 5.30.17 which is not the latest but is good enough to support WPA with the Linux driver.  (With an XP live CD you could install the latest 5.60.22 firmware, if XP will run on your laptop you are using this old 16-bit card on, and if you have some other media on which to access the drivers while the BartPE or other XP livecd is inserted.)