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Reviving a bitrotted OEM Windows Vista installation on your Linux laptop

Sunday, June 24th, 2018

If you’re a normal sort of Linux user, when you buy a laptop you probably keep that Microsoft OS partition around, shrinking it to a minimal size and allowing it to coexist with Linux just in case you need it for firmware updates, special Windows-only tools for special situations, or sometimes just for an A/B comparison if you suspect something might be wrong with the Linux driver for a particular device.

So, after not booting that Windows Vista partition for a few years, and possibly having gone through a few disk upgrades and associated disk imaging in the meantime, you try to boot it up only to find:

  • It doesn’t boot via the automatically populated GRUB entry, hanging at a black screen
  • It doesn’t boot via Hiren’s Boot CD or another tool booting the Vista partition directly, with a winload.exe “missing or corrupt” BSOD
  • Third-party software upgrades don’t work
  • Windows Update doesn’t work
  • Anything you try to install manually doesn’t work


Well, here’s how you should be able to fix that mess (steps tested on Windows Vista Home Premium OEM 32-bit SP1).